Episode 342: Why Quick Follow-Up Is the Key to Better Conversion Rates

Tue, Nov 23, 2021

Follow up with an inbound lead in 60 seconds or less, and your conversion rate will be 300% higher.  


In today’s episode, co-hosts Ralph Burns and Kasim Aslam are face to face for the second time ever—this time in Austin, Texas, which is quickly becoming the entrepreneurial Mecca (according to Kasim). They’re chatting about conversion and why all the traffic in the world doesn’t do much good unless you’re following up with leads immediately. Solidify your sales process from start to finish before you worry about getting more traffic.


Listen in as they share some valuable conversion tips—as well as something that’s really been energizing both of them lately.



  • How a strategic two-email campaign could get you a 60-70% open rate
  • How to know if you need more leads or a better conversion process
  • Ways to analyze your “leaky bucket” and reverse engineer it logically
  • Something you absolutely need in your life right now (that you might not realize)



  • ScheduleOnce
  • Attentive
  • Funnel Specialist job opening at Tier 11
  • http://Crankwheel.com schedules call immediately (within 30 seconds) – this is with a setter not a Sales guy – “let me connect you with Steve our VP of Growth”
  • http://Speak2leads.com sends leads to a round robin sales floor as soon as the lead comes in
  • SMS from jotform.com follows up with leads under 5 seconds with: “hey (name) this is eda from (company) I’m dropping off kids at soccer can I call you in 2 mins?” “Here I’m sending you my contact info so you know it’s me when I call back!” (Sends their contact thing)
  • http://Gmass.co – emails go right into Primary inbox – email first 5 days after
  • http://WarmupInbox.com – eliminates cold emails going into spam folder
  • http://AttentiveMobile.com for text messaging – what Perry uses for all his text messaging
  • http://CrystalKnows.com – tells you how to sell to him/negotiate etc – helps salespeople how to sell – from their LinkedIn profile!
  • Major tip: After a lead comes in a 2d email sent IMMEDIATELY after 1st email follow up – is opened 60-70%!
  • On http://Bookkeeping.com (old agency customer and current Perry owned company) 5x more people schedule a call when it’s called a “demo” vs a “discovery call”
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