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You vs. Google: The Very Unauthorized Guide to Google Ads

If you’re going to run Google Ads, it’s critically important to understand one key thing:
It’s You vs Google.

Google is NOT on your side. Their training, tutorials, recommendations, and (especially) their reps can’t be trusted.

This is not to say that Google is evil or even that Google is trying to steal from you. They’re just doing what any good business would do: trying to maximize their profits. And YOU just happen to be their biggest profit center.

You vs. Google: The Very Unauthorized Guide to Google Ads

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I’m a failed actor turned entrepreneur, speaker, and author.
I enjoy reading, traveling, and making self-aggrandizing websites as tributes to my feeble accomplishments.

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My wife and I have made over 1,200 loans with a cumulative total of nearly $30,000 on Kiva.org

Check out their lender profile here: www.kiva.org. Kiva is an amazing organization that allows ordinary people to make small “microloans” to entrepreneurs around the world that may not have access to financing otherwise.