Imagine having the # 1 google specialist in the world speak with your audience

Can you calculate the impact of not having them aware of what they need to do today but what they need to prepare for in the near future?

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The 7 Critical Principles of Effective Digital Marketing

Oh, look! You’re reading the synopsis. That means I’ve got another sentence or two before you get bored and jump ship to go roam greener pastures. I get that, I do the same thing all of the time. Here’s the problem with my book: That sexy little tidbit that you’re looking for…you know, that hint, tip, trick, hack, best practice, “whatever” that’ll make you an instant digital marketing demigod…it ain’t here. I’m not saying it doesn’t exist. I’m not saying Santa doesn’t exist either.


Hello, I’m Kasim


I’m a failed actor turned entrepreneur, speaker, and author.
I enjoy reading, traveling, and making self-aggrandizing websites as tributes to my feeble accomplishments.

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My wife and I have made over 1,200 loans with a cumulative total of nearly $30,000 on Kiva.org

Check out their lender profile here: www.kiva.org. Kiva is an amazing organization that allows ordinary people to make small “microloans” to entrepreneurs around the world that may not have access to financing otherwise.


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