A must-read for anyone who wants to be successful with their digital marketing.

~ Greg S. Reid
Bestselling author of Three Feet from Gold

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Not Just For Marketers

As a software developer in the digital marketing industry, I am constantly looking to gain insight into the practices of effective marketers. This book delivered. The author is clearly a thought leader in the industry, and the principles he lays out in this book will prove useful to both marketers and anyone working even tangentially to the marketing industry.


Worth The Read

I've read a lot of business books in my career and its very tough to turn technical, detailed strategies into simple actionable plans. Using his own experience, and a casual, fun style kasim has been able to do that. Worth reading

-John C

The Only Digital Marketing Book To Purchase!

Kasim is a scholar in the digital age of marketing. His recommendations are simply brilliant and describes how to clearly execute the 7 principals. This book will not be placed on my bookshelf with my other marketing books as it will always be on my desk as a daily resource to grow our practice.

-B Patel


I’m loving your book. What I love most is that you constantly stress values I cherish: Empathy, integrity, even love. Thank you for opening up a much more soulful method of marketing.

~ Caris Roane
New York Times Bestselling Author



Oh, look! You’re reading the synopsis. That means I’ve got another sentence or two before you get bored and jump ship to go roam greener pastures. I get that, I do the same thing all of the time. Here’s the problem with my book: That sexy little tidbit that you’re looking for…you know, that hint, tip, trick, hack, best practice, “whatever” that’ll make you an instant digital marketing demigod…it ain’t here. I’m not saying it doesn’t exist. I’m not saying Santa doesn’t exist either.

Here’s what I am saying: maybe, just maybe, we’re doing this wrong. I said “we” because I’m one of you! I’m a professional digital marketer (10 years and running!) and I do the same stupid thing that all of us are guilty of. I go out hunting for quick-fix content that’ll give me some sort of blueprint to success as if digital marketing genius comes in a template. That’s exactly why I wrote this book.

Yes, strategies, tactics and best practices are important. But more important than any of that, something truly irreplaceable and a prerequisite to any lasting success: Principles. Here’s the problem that I face: Principles aren’t sexy! They just aren’t. Tips and hacks and all of that crap, easy to sell. But principles…? Yawn!

So, dear reader, I issue you a warning: if you’re looking for that casual read that’ll just drop a couple of little nuggets to simply make you sound smart the next time you’re at a conference, I invite you to look elsewhere. (You’re looking for dessert and I’m offering up that deep-dish beef stew your mom used to make on rainy days.) However, if you want the real deal, feet on the street, decade in the making, principle-centered, value driven, foundational approach to digital marketing: You found it.

It’s time we put down our plastic spiderman sporks and pick up the fine silver so we can sit at the big boy table with every other industry. It’s time for digital marketing to have a principle-centered foundation. I hope you’ll join me.

Thug life,