Episode 329: Getting 19x Return via Facebook & Google Ads with Ralph Burns

Fri, Oct 8, 2021

Nothing is more important than understanding the perfect messaging that resonates with your target avatar so they’re attracted to your product, service, or offer. 


In this episode, Ralph Burns walks listeners through a real-life case study at Tier 11 where they crossed the streams with two big platforms—Facebook and Google—using customer acquisition amplification. The result: 19x monthly revenue increase for an up-and-coming digital product company in 12 months. They call this 7-step process The Creative Lab and no tip, trick, or social media hack can get you this kind of results. 


Listen in as Ralph explains how The Creative Lab utilizes deep dive research and avatar research and turns it into unicorn ads that drive and scale your business and increase profitability.


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  • What Facebook ads and Google ads can do in tandem that they can’t do alone
  • How the 5 levels of traffic have changed recently with the new iOS updates
  • The all-important DPI squared process Tier 11 takes every new customer through
  • How to reuse data (and discard what doesn’t work) to scale your business




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