EP92: The 3-Step Strategy to Grow and Scale a Multi-Million Dollar Marketing Agency

Tue, Apr 11, 2017

Learn the three-step strategy that has led to Dominate Web Media’s 300% year-over-year growth while they manage two-to-three-million-dollars’ worth of monthly ad spend for their clients. Listen as the experts describe how this strategy is applicable across the board—whether you’re a business owner, work for a business, or manage a team—and how you can start implementing these tactics today.


  • The solution to building a company (« Hint: It’s not finding people who are just like you).
  • The “unconventional” four-step formula to finding and attracting talented, better hires who will perform and help grow a business (« and why the interview is “optional” and not one of the four steps at Dominate Web Media).
  • What airplane pilots can teach you about growing a business and how it will give you control, consistency, precision, and duplicability.
  • Keith’s three “growth hacks” to growing an agency at massive scale.

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