EP81: How Laura Roeder Grew MeetEdgar to 7,000+ Users

Tue, Jan 24, 2017

Special guest Laura Roeder, founder of MeetEdgar, joins the experts to detail the strategies that grew MeetEdgar to over 7,000 customers—without venture capitalists. Laura, Molly, Keith, and Ralph discuss the funnels and acquisition tactics that are driving MeetEdgar’s success, along with how they’re reducing customer churn. Listen and learn how you can apply these same strategies in your own company.


  • The “catch-all” strategy inspired by MeetEdgar that is generating 500-700 opt-ins a week for DigitalMarketer (« that you can apply to your website, too).
  • The three strategies MeetEdgar uses to generate leads and move them through the Customer Journey towards a conversion (« use this as inspiration within your own company).
  • The messaging and hook MeetEdgar uses to connect with people who aren’t aware of their product.

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