EP74: $30k in 3 Months with Push Notifications

Tue, Dec 6, 2016

The Perpetual Traffic experts are joined by Lindsay Marder, Managing Editor at DigitalMarketer, to detail how DigitalMarketer is using push notifications to diversify their traffic, engage with their audience, and ultimately generate a 15%-20% click rate on Lead Magnet push notifications that have led to a 38% conversion rate.


Push notifications are something you can implement as soon as you’re done listening to this episode. It’s that easy. And if you’re already using them, listen for some quick improvements you can implement to your push notification campaigns.



  • About the copy, images, and the calendar schedule that is driving DM’s push notification success, so you can do the same.
  • How you can use push notifications to immediately notify your subscribers («This is highly effective for time-sensitive items like flash sales).
  • How push notifications allow you to circumvent social media hang-ups like waiting for an ad to be approved or hoping that your update doesn’t get lost in a sea of notifications.
  • Why you should install your push notifications today, even if you’re not planning on sending out notifications straight away.



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