EP63: How Ezra Firestone Sold 84,583 Jars of Face Cream Using Video Ads

Tue, Sep 20, 2016

Ezra Firestone is back with the Perpetual Traffic experts, and he’s sharing the Facebook video funnel that sold over 84,000 units in three months (Find his funnel in the show notes resources at digitalmarketer.com/podcast!).


Ezra details numbers, video views, retargeting, and much more. Listen to discover how you can imitate his funnel that generated three million video views at 23¢ a view!



  • The concept that has helped Ezra’s business make eight figures.
  • The extra steps Ezra adds to his retargeting strategy, which allows him to successfully scale a campaign.
  • The three advertising assets Ezra would employ on a budget of $50/day (