EP49: Boosted Posts: Microtargeting and Other Advanced Uses of Facebook’s “Easy Button”

Tue, Jun 14, 2016

Dennis Yu, Chief Technology Officer at BlitzMetrics, joins the Perpetual Traffic experts to discuss why keeping it simple on Facebook can go a long way for your business. We’re going to talk about boosting posts, and why they are your bread and butter. Boosted posts work for B2B, for small businesses, for entrepreneurs, for freelancers, for consultants, and marketers on a small budget.

For anyone that’s ever thought they don’t have the tools, or the audience, or the resources to advertise on Facebook, this is the episode that will help you get started.



  • The advantage of boosting a post before you build a campaign in Facebook Ads Manager.
  • How to know when to boost a post and when to turn a boosted post into a campaign.
  • How boosting a post can help you find your content “unicorn.”
  • What Facebook ads and speaking on stage have in common, and how this will ultimately make people come to you.


Resources from Dennis

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