EP217: 7 Facebook Advertising Stats EVERY Marketer Should Know

Tue, Sep 3, 2019

In spite of the challenges it faced in 2018, Facebook still remains the 800 pound gorilla of the social media world. With over 7 million advertisers and a combined 3 billion active users, it’s where your customers are—and the ideal place to advertise your product or service.

In this episode, Ralph reviews 7 statistics that every Facebook advertiser, or would be advertiser, should know. Whether you’re brand new or have been buying Facebook ads for years, you won’t want to miss this episode to gain further insight on why the platform is so influential and as a marketer, how you can leverage it to launch, grow or scale your business.


  • The amount of time people are spending on Facebook, Instagram, Youtube, and Snapchat
  • Why advertisers need to make short form videos with text overlay or upload SRT files 
  • The reality of the death of organic reach on Facebook and how much businesses can expect to pay daily to advertise
  • Why all Facebook posts need to be made for mobile first and desktop second


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