EP210: Are You Making These Critical Facebook Conversion Tracking Mistakes?

Tue, Jul 16, 2019

Facebook marketing is a 3-legged stool and most marketers are neglecting the third leg: conversion tracking and dev.

Even huge businesses aren’t utilizing the Facebook pixel correctly. In this episode, Ralph and Deacon Bradley, VP of Operations at Tier 11, explain how to avoid being one of these marketers, the pros and cons of the 2 different types of conversion tracking, and the best practices and common errors.


  • The 3 jobs of the Facebook pixel: conversion tracking, audience building, and campaign optimization
  • 2 main types of conversion tracking, where to find them, and when and how to start using them: URL-based custom conversions and standard events
  • When Facebook might deduplicate your data: users bookmarking your page, tripwire pages with a mailing list, back clicking to a webpage, and lead thank you pages
  • How to use enhanced standard events to go deeper with audiences and custom conversions


The Facebook Pixel

Use Custom Conversions to Optimize for URL Traffic and Custom Events

Specifications for Facebook Pixel Standard Events


Tier 11

Ads Accelerator

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