EP201: The Secret To Going Viral with Jay Shetty

Tue, May 14, 2019

In just 18 months, Jay Shetty has accumulated 3 billion Facebook views. How, you ask? Well, in this episode, we’re giving you the wisdom Jay Shetty shared with the Traffic & Conversion Summit 2019 attendees about making content go viral.

Jay explains how he hacks the Facebook algorithm, how he shifted from an unconscious competent marketer to a conscious competent one, and how he monetizes all of his traffic.


  • The 5 elements making content go viral and why all content needs to use at least 1 of them
  • Jay’s viral strategy of going live before posting a new video, replying to comments for 1 hour after posting, and resharing the post 1 week later
  • 8 rapid-fire questions that will tell you how to make video content in 2019—how long videos should be for each platform, what percentage of b-roll to use, the best upload days and times, etc.
  • Jay’s schedule of creating all of his content within 9 days of each month and spending the rest of his time in business development


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