EP171: How Spending $5 a Day on Facebook Ads Boosted Brick-and-Mortar Sales

Tue, Oct 16, 2018

Do online Facebook ads translate into in-person, brick-and-mortar sales?

Mackensie Liberman, a scientist turned marketer, has proved that they really can. Her agency, Orca Marketology, uses Facebook bots to increase revenue for both brick and mortar and ecommerce businesses, some for just a few dollars of ad spend a day.

In this special episode, also recorded from the 2018 Conversations Conference, return co-host Dan Gamito joins Molly and Ralph to talk with Mackensie about her bots. She walks them through her most successful Facebook ad and explains how she set up this campaign to stay live and converting, for over a year.


  • How just $5 a day on Facebook can help increase your sales of physical and ecommerce products
  • The ideal grace period to give customers to redeem their coupons to get the best ROI
  • Mackensie’s strategy for landing new clients that you can use no matter your business or industry