EP151: How to Spend $16,766 and Make $90,281 [Case Study]

Tue, May 29, 2018

If you’ve been running Facebook ads for your ecommerce business only to break even or lose money, this case study could change your business.

Here’s Why:

If your strategy only involves running ads to cold traffic, you’re flushing 97% of your potential customers down the toilet.

In today’s episode, the experts give you the complete details of how they took an ecommerce company and more than DOUBLED their return on ad spend while also scaling their ad spend 10x. Listen to learn the types of ads they ran and the ad copy they used to talk to leads and customers at every stage of the funnel.


  • The strategy one ecommerce company used to generate $90,281 ROAS while only spending $16,766 on ads.
  • The specific types of ads you need to run to potential customers at each step of the customer journey.
  • How you can get your customers to buy from you, again and again, using “Level 5 Ads.”

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