EP109: What We Think of Target, Thrive Themes, and Ezra Firestone’s Facebook Ads (and What This Means for You)

Tue, Aug 8, 2017

Want to stop the thumb scroll and have your Facebook ad stand out on the news feed? Then join the experts as they critique seven Facebook ads from companies big and small. Learn the mistakes to avoid and gain actionable strategies that can be applied by any industry to create effective Facebook ads.


  • How to portray that your product will elevate your customer’s status, making it a more desirable purchase (« Hint: It’s one word).
  • What your ad image needs in order to stop the scroll and stand out on the crowded, competitive news feed.
  • The phrase to include in your ad copy to effectively introduce the value your product brings (« if you’re ever stuck with your copy, you can always use this phrase).
  • A simple retargeting ad anyone can replicate – no matter your industry – that generates social proof.

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