My speaking experience spans more than five years and includes
a broad array of topics across multiple digital marketing verticals.

I have been blessed enough to have been featured alongside some pretty amazing folks. Obviously, I would never be so tacky as to name-drop. You know what I’m talking about, every speaker has some “look who I’ve spoken alongside” section that looks something like this:
  • Ray Grainger – CEO:
  • Ryan Deiss – CEO:
  • Joe Fairless – Best-selling author and founder “Best Ever Show”
  • Greg S. Reid – International best-selling author
  • Jeff Hoffman – Co-Founder:
But, again, super tacky move so I’m not going to go there.

Just in case you doubt my authenticity, here’s me in a suit looking all pensive.

A few of my recent speaking engagements:


T&C18 Agency Panel
Investor Fuse Mastermind REI Marketing
Success Wise Podcast Digital Marketing
MDMC18 The Echo Chamber
GSD Show: Full Funnel Marketing
State of Search: Content Marketing
ICON17: Lead generation
Infusionsoft PartnerCon: Facebook Lead Gen Bootcamp
Manufacturing Marketing: Content Marketing
Joe Fairless Podcast: Digital marketing & real estate
Digital Footprint: Digital Marketing Q&A Panel
Agency Growth Summit: Wicked Smart Presentation
ASID West: Full funnel marketing (advanced)
ASID West: Full funnel marketing (beginners)
Emergent Path: Project management for agencies
EDAC: Attracting technology companies
Arizona Technology Council: Digital marketing for small businesses

Kasim Aslam is the founder and CEO of Solutions 8, one of the world’s top ranked Google Ads agencies.

Recipient of the Arizona Interactive Marketing Association’s 2017 TIM Award for Person of the Year, Kasim was also named one of the Top 50 Digital Marketing Thought Leaders in the United States by The University of Missouri in 2020.

Kasim was recently hand-selected as the Traffic Coach for’s ELITE coaching program by their executive team.

His book, The 7 Critical Principles of Effective Digital Marketing, was featured as one of the Top 100 Digital Marketing Books of All Time by Book Authority.

Kasim helped launch the National Association of Child Helplines (NAACH) and worked with the United States Army, Intel, as well as a Gates Foundation-funded nonprofit, a 54,000 member PPO, the largest privately owned bank in the United States, and an Academy Award-contending documentary.

He lives in Scottsdale, Arizona with his wife and two sons.