If you’re interested in “we do it for you” digital marketing services, please visit Solutions 8.

My one-on-one consulting rates:

Coaching package: Rate:
Monthly (Strategy & Direction) $12,000 a year
Weekly (Surrogate CMO) $36,000 a year

I’ll work with you and your team to set goals, define your strategy, and then coach you through the process to completion.

Coaching calls tend to average 60 minutes. However, I don’t put a time limit on calls as long as I feel that everyone on the call is being respectful of each other’s time.

Coaching also includes access to me via email on an ad hoc basis. Once again, there’s no defined limit just as long as I feel you’re being respectful of my time and inbox. Consolidating questions and requests will earn you a prioritized response.

I buy expensive suits. They just look cheap on me.

– Warren Buffett



Workshops Rate
1-day business builder $7,500 + travel
2-day business builder $12,500 + travel

Over the last 10 years, Solutions 8 has helped more than 500 organizations grow and scale using our unique and proven process: The Digital Business Builder.

The business builder workshop is based upon this process. At the end of the 1-day workshop, you’ll have a complete digital marketing plan of action with very clear direction on next steps.

The 2-day workshop dives deeper into specific implementation. I work with your team to help choose technology sets, identify potential vendors & resources, and define specific rocks and milestones that need to be accomplished.