Keys to Increasing your LTV and AOV with John Ainsworth

Tue, May 31, 2022

Would you like to increase your revenue 10-20% in one week (or do you hate money)? 

On today’s episode, co-hosts Ralph Burns and Kasim Aslam sit down with John Ainsworth, CEO of Data Driven Marketing. John’s team works with online course creators who’ve already got a great course and a traffic source and help them optimize that traffic and increase their revenue in an ethical way. They’ve got a list of 8 proven strategies that work for everyone—because they take you back to the basics, the fundamentals. John says it’s shocking how many multi-million dollar companies don’t have these fundamentals in place. Yes, you have to put in the hard work and create something of value—an offer the world wants. “You can’t optimize until you implement,” John says. Then John and his team can help you take it from there.

Listen in for some simple, but brilliant, ways to increase your average order value and your long-term value—and ultimately win with your customer.


  • One easy way to increase your revenue 10-20% in one week 
  • How to convert more of your email list into buyers
  • Ways to utilize upsells and order bumps to fully monetize your funnel online
  • How to get started if you’re just now launching your first course



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