How to Scale a Performance Max Campaign | PPC Talks

Thu, Jun 2, 2022

In the second episode of PPC Talks, Usama and Efe share effective ways to scale a Performance Max campaign aside from increasing your budget. This includes the supplementary campaigns to run with PMax campaigns, thinking outside of the box when creating asset groups and audience signals, and many more!

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Watch Kasim and John reveal how you can use the Stair-Step Method to scale your Performance Max campaign in last week’s 1-hour session, here:

00:00 How to Scale a Performance Max Campaign with the best Google Ads strategists

01:12 When to increase your Performance Max budget to scale your campaign

03:15 Supplementary campaigns to run with Performance Max campaigns

06:49 The importance of website optimization when scaling your PMax campaigns

08:19 Other factors to consider when creating asset groups and audience signals

10:38 Use your Performance Max insights tab data to find more of the right audiences

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