Episode 386: Crash Course on Hiring a Virtual Team with Shaina Weisinger

Tue, Apr 26, 2022

Finding the right people to work for you and with you is one of the most important—and intimidating—parts of running a business. 

On today’s episode, co-hosts Ralph Burns and Kasim Aslam sit down with Shaina Weisinger, CEO and founder of Repurpose House, to talk about how to hire the right people to grow and scale your business. Shaina started her company because there was a huge market for repurposed content and no one was doing it. But she had been a bottleneck in the past and knew she couldn’t be the one doing all the work this time around. She’d create the processes, the SOPs, make them efficient, document them, and pass the baton. She designed a recurring, replicable model and built her business up from the ground like that. Not only does she have incredible processes for the work her company does, she has well-oiled processes for hiring people to do that work—both domestic and overseas.

Listen in for some practical advice on building systems that work and hiring the right people for each and every job.


  • Shaina’s step-by-step hiring process (and how she weeds people out) 
  • What’s included in the video they require all potential hires to make
  • Which job listing platform works best (and which one to avoid)
  • Pros and cons of hiring talent from overseas (and how to pay fairly) 



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