Episode 385: A Tech Stack to Help You Beat the iOS Changes with Chris Mercer

Fri, Apr 22, 2022

Imagine if someone just handed you a list of every single tool you need to effectively measure the performance of your marketing. 

On today’s episode, co-hosts Ralph Burns and Kasim Aslam sit down once again with Chris Mercer, founder of MeasurementMarketing.io. This time he’s got a whole tech stack he’s going to share with us from start to finish, the whole kit and caboodle. Seriously, he’s giving away the farm here. It’s easy to over-complicate things, Mercer says. The skill is to make things simple. How do we keep it simple? Every measurement system has to do 3 things: 1.) Collect information to get answers to questions. 2.) Store that information to access later. And 3.) Build reports on that data. If you don’t know how to measure, all the tools in the world won’t help you. “Measurement is how we listen,” he says. “Marketing is how we respond.”

Listen in as he walks us through the powerful skill of measurement—simple step by simple step.


  • How to figure out the true traffic sources of your ROAS (when everybody’s claiming it)
  • 3 free (and powerful) Google tools (and how/when to use them)
  • Why customer journeys aren’t one-size-fits-all (and how to choose the right one)
  • How learning measurement can keep you out of jail (literally)



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