Episode 320: Why You Should (Also) Be Running YouTube Ads with Tier 11’s William Palmer 

Tue, Aug 24, 2021

William Palmer has run more than $10 million in Facebook ads for Tier 11, and he thinks it’s time for Facebook-only advertisers to diversify and look at YouTube. He says it can be a seamless transition if you do it right.


In today’s episode, William sits down with co-hosts Ralph Burns and Kasim Aslam to share his interesting perspective on what makes YouTube ads successful for businesses and walks listeners through the 3 key phases of advertising on the platform. Kasim weighs in with a different perspective from his own experience as well.  


Listen in and see if YouTube ads are right for your business and—if you’re already on the bandwagon—how to make them even more effective.



  • The pros and cons of YouTube ads compared to Facebook
  • Why placement targeting is a good place to start for YouTube ads 
  • The 3 phases of YouTube advertising and what to do differently in each one
  • Tips for getting your YouTube ads to show up in your competitor’s videos




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