Episode 312: What’s Working Now: How Do I Survive In This New “Privacy First” World?

Tue, Jun 29, 2021

How are Apple’s iOS 14+ updates going to affect your ads on Facebook and Google? Does increased privacy for users mean less sales for you? On this episode, Ralph Burns sits down with two of the smartest social advertising people on the planet, Angela Ponsford and Kasim Aslam, to pick their brains about all things Facebook, FLoC, and fundamentals of marketing. If you’re a small business owner, they have both good news and bad news for you. 


The best thing you can do right now is keep your head on, stay calm, do your research, and listen to this podcast. The storm is coming, but we can weather it together.



  • What FLoC means and how it affects you as an advertiser 
  • 3 updates Facebook recently issued related to conversion campaigns and ad manager
  • The 2 most important things (that haven’t changed) when it comes to advertising
  • The biggest mistake advertisers make when there’s a major change in the ecosystem




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