Episode 311: The Biggest Challenge Our Listeners Face and Our Advice to Solve It with Kasim Aslam

Tue, Jun 22, 2021

Our previous episode with Kasim Aslam was one of our most popular ever, and he’s back! A few weeks ago, we conducted a survey asking our Perpetual Traffic listeners to tell us the number one thing they want to solve in their businesses today. 


Not surprisingly, they want to grow and scale.


Ralph Burns chatted with Kasim, Founder and CEO of Google Ads agency Solutions 8, to talk about that very thing. Kasim believes the two most important components to growing and scaling a successful business are people and processes. He shares some expert tips on ensuring you’ve got the right ones in place. He also discusses practicals for creating and enforcing processes, incentives for keeping them up to date, and how to make them work for your people and your business at every stage of the game.


  • Ways to effectively duplicate and outsource yourself and your brain
  • Where to start with process development and documentation
  • How to involve your team in the creation and update of processes
  • How to identify and eradicate weaknesses in your processes


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