EP98: What We Think of Home Chef, MuscleTech, and ClickFunnels’ Facebook Ads (and What This Means for You)

Tue, May 23, 2017

Learn from the experts as they critique eight Facebook ads, offering insight on what the marketers did right and what they could improve upon. Listen as they offer actionable strategies you can implement in your own Facebook campaigns and how to avoid eight common Facebook ad mistakes.


  • The approach almost any marketer can apply to effectively communicate your product/service is the best fit for your customer avatar (« and what it has to do with a rainy weekend).
  • The simple strategy you can use in your ads to quickly grab your audience’s attention (« Hint: This is a very effective tactic to use if you’re not a great ad copywriter).
  • How you can “sell the click” on your Facebook ad and what not to do so don’t intimidate the viewer from clicking.


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