EP91: Everything You Need to Know About Facebook Website Conversion Campaigns

Tue, Apr 4, 2017

Listen as the experts clear up the confusion surrounding how to successfully create Facebook Website Conversion Campaigns. The crew will give you a high-level understanding of how to generate conversions on Facebook, detail how and why they do things, and share the results they’ve gotten, so you can better understand the Facebook algorithm and generate the results you want from your ads.


  • When to use the Website Conversion Campaign, how many days to use run it for, how to bid, and how many conversions you need for measurable data.
  • The myth surrounding Website Conversion Campaigns, how it may be holding your campaign back, and the true number you should be paying attention to (« even on a small budget).
  • The huge revelation that gave Dominate Web Media more data, made their campaign more powerful, and reduced their cost per acquisition (« and how you can do the same).
  • Which Website Conversion Campaign feature has given DigitalMarketer the lowest cost per leads while generating the highest volume of leads and how you can apply this feature to your funnels.


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