EP80: Facebook Messenger Ads: Everything You Need to Know

Tue, Jan 17, 2017

This is something you can’t ignore.

Listen and follow along with Molly’s slides to learn how DigitalMarketer has been using Facebook Messenger Ads, so you can not only stay on the cutting edge, but also come up with a unique strategy to connect with your audience, reach new people, and really stand out in today’s environment.

The companies who figure out Messenger ads and use them in their Customer Journey are going to win.


  • The two types of Facebook Messenger ads and their specifics so you can set up your own (« Follow along with the slides to set up each ad).
  • How to use Messenger to create personalization and overcome objections people may have about buying your product or service.
  • The easy, inexpensive tool DigitalMarketer is using to build subscribers (« And has helped generate a 67.08%-89.87% open rate with Facebook Messenger).
  • How to take advantage of Messenger even if you’re not buying ads on Facebook.


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