EP76: Testing and Scaling Facebook Campaigns with $1/Day Boosted Posts

Tue, Dec 20, 2016

Chris Mattock, CEO of FlowMotion Agency, joins the experts to detail how boosting posts in Facebook has been “game-changing.” Listen to learn the strategy and the targeting they use to vet and test posts before they become Facebook campaigns, so you can gain momentum to scale your campaigns, build-up your fanbase, and generate more customers.


  • What DJing and Facebook ads have in common and how this simple analogy can help you keep your audience engaged.
  • How FlowMotion Agency is using Facebook boosted PPE posts to generate conversions at a fraction of the cost of the Website Conversion Objective.
  • The 3-Part process FlowMotion Agency uses to create a Facebook ad with a high relevance score (« and how you can apply it to your strategy).
  • The audience size FlowMotion Agency targets to keep cost per acquisition (CPA) low.


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