EP71: The Michigan Method: A Strategy for Scaling Ad Campaigns

Tue, Nov 15, 2016

Are you having problems controlling your Facebook ads and keeping your conversion costs in check as you scale?

Take back control from the Facebook ad platform using the Michigan Method, the “multivariate testing technique on steroids.” Ralph reveals how to use this strategy (and the origins of its name), so you can get the best ad results. This episode goes above and beyond the tactics discussed in Episode 69.


  • How to test multiple Facebook ad methods at once, so you can find the perfect ad as you scale.
  • How you can avoid ad cannibalization and audience oversaturation when using the Michigan Method.
  • When to “starve your ponies and feed your stallions” so you get results fast and don’t waste money.


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Keith’s $1 Trail for Facebook Ads University (for the webinar)

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