EP60: All I Really Need to Know About Paid Traffic I Learned at a Kid’s Birthday Party

Tue, Aug 30, 2016

Whether you’re a paid traffic rookie or grizzled veteran — this episode of Perpetual Traffic will focus (or refocus) your energy on the five foundational elements of successful ad campaigns. Molly opens the episode with an analogy that makes remembering these fundamentals a snap.


This episode is based on a training available to all DigitalMarketer Lab members. The slides are available by visiting the Episode 60 show notes at digitalmarketer.com/podcast.



  • How to apply the most critical aspect of every paid traffic campaign, the “Hook” or offer. (Get this wrong and the rest of the campaign doesn’t matter).
  • How to increase the conversion rate on your ads using specificity. (Specific copy can be the difference between a winning and losing ad campaign).
  • How to keep your traffic from clicking the dreaded back button by maintaining “scent” from ad to landing page.

 Plus, the Perpetual Traffic team gives examples of traffic campaigns that get these foundational elements right.



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