EP59: 7 Facebook Ad Critiques

Tue, Aug 23, 2016

Fine tune your ad writing skills as the Perpetual Traffic crew reviews ad copy from businesses making education, SaaS and eCommerce offers on the Facebook ad platform. Keith, Molly, and Ralph reveal what works and what doesn’t with the hooks, headlines, and calls to action of these ads.


To see the images of each ad visit digitalmarketer/podcast and access the Episode 59 show notes.



  • How Concordia University uses a great “hook” and “copy specificity” to sell women on going back to school.
  • A classic ad copy formula (used by SaaS company, SamCart) you can apply to virtually any market.
  • How Zenreach uses ad copy to drive video ad consumption (and the simple tweak that would likely improve performance).
  • Plus, we’ll warn you of a recent change with the Facebook Ads manager and Power Editor that may be affecting ads you’re already running.



Canva – Build beautiful Facebook ad images, effortlessly.

Zenreach – See the video ad Keith critiques on the Zenreach home page.


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