EP55: 5 New & Very Important Changes to the Facebook Platform

Tue, Jul 26, 2016

It’s Perpetual Traffic’s birthday; we’re one-year-old! Thanks to everyone who helped get us here! In celebration, we’ve included a blooper reel at the end of the episode for you to enjoy.


Today, we’re detailing five of the most recent Facebook Ad Platform updates, and how we’re using them in our respective businesses. These new features can save you time, increase ROI, and help you find new audiences.



·      How to duplicate an ad set without creating a brand new post ID. Use this feature to keep social proof intact, maintain a high Relevance Score, and increase your conversions.

·      The Lookalike Audience strategy the experts have tested and found to have a big impact on creating warm and hot audiences.

·      The fastest way to build high quality leads based on people who have engaged with your ad.

·      The huge time saver that allows you to market and scale across countries.

·      The new mobile ad feature which allows a lead to opt-in right from the news feed, leading to increased ROI and decreased cost per conversion.



Episode 49: Boosted Posts: Microtargeting and Other Advanced Uses of Facebook’s “Easy Button”


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