EP194: The Google Ad Profit Curve with Mike Rhodes, Live from T&C 2019

Tue, Mar 26, 2019

This week is all about Google ads, as Ralph talks to Mike Rhodes, Founder and CEO at WebSavvy, live from the 2019 Traffic & Conversion Summit.

Mike explains his Google Ads Profit Curve and how you can use it to narrow down your cost per acquisition (CPA) and make sure you aren’t spending more money than you’re making. He also gives you his best ecommerce advice for selling more products, and his trick for getting Google to choose you over the competition.


  • How to use the Profit Curve to find the CPA range that keeps you profitable
  • Real examples of the Profit Curve at work
  • How the Profit Curve helps you test 2x faster than your competitor and gets Google to choose you over them

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