EP178: How Michael Stelzner Grew Social Media Examiner WITHOUT Paid Traffic

Tue, Dec 4, 2018

Is it possible to run a successful marketing blog without paying for traffic? Mike Stelzner sure thinks so. And he’s got the numbers to back him up.

Mike shows the hosts how he made $1.4 million in his first year of starting his blog, Social Media Examiner, through only organic traffic. He explains his editorial calendar, email newsletter schedule and his social media strategies. He also dives into the current state of social media and how to utilize the platforms for video content.


  • How to turn readers into customers without paid traffic
  • Mike’s formula for success: Great Content + Great People – Marketing Messages = Growth
  • Social Media Examiner’s original email newsletter schedule, the current schedule used and how long new subscribers are omitted from marketing messages
  • How you can strategize for SEO without an internal or external SEO expert
  • Why asking your customers what they want to learn about versus assuming what they want to know will help boost your readership


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