EP175: 3 Ways to Increase the Average Order Value for Your Ecommerce Business

Tue, Nov 13, 2018

Looking to increase the average order value for your ecommerce business? Who isn’t, amirite?

As this week’s guest explains, adding the following options can drastically increase the average order from your consumers: quantity, priority processing, or an order bum.

Repeat guest Tanner Larsson, Founder of Build Grow Scale & Ecom Insider, explains first how to price your ecommerce products, and then how to get customers to pay more at checkout. Finally, he walks us through the 3 pre-purchase average order values and shows us how to combine them to maximize your profits.


  • The Rule of Three and how to use it to price any ecommerce product
  • How to package quantity options and where to place the option on the checkout page
  • What priority processing is versus faster shipping, and how to use it as the final upsell at checkout

How to choose an order bump depending on your product and how to combine order bumps with quantity options and/or priority processing


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