EP174: New Facebook Ad Structures to Implement Before the Holiday Season

Tue, Nov 6, 2018

If you are selling anything, but especially if you run an ecommerce business, you have already started ramping up for the holiday season. And that doesn’t mean putting up tinsel or mistletoe. It means ramping up your ad game and honing your landing pages.

Repeat guest, Ezra Firestone, returns to talk about some new shifts in online advertising and how you can take advantage of them this holiday season. He and the experts discuss new Facebook ad structures and trends, what’s working for Ezra right now, and where he thinks the ecommerce sales cycle is going from here.


  • Why people might soon be buying directly in social media platforms and how to get ahead of this change to grow your mobile sales
  • The best way to start experimenting with paid ads on Facebook BEFORE you get started in Ads Manager
  • What ad styles are performing best as instant experience ads that you should try
  • What big business are doing with their creatives that you should do too to help grow awareness
  • The best time to set your ads live to get in on peak holiday shopping


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