EP161: Spending Too Much on Your Customer Acquisition? Here Are 4 Steps to Lower Your CPA

Tue, Aug 7, 2018

Everyone who runs ads would love to acquire customers at a lower price. But sometimes your cost per acquisition (CPA) is too high… even if you have a high click-through rate and low cost per click. And even with the data that Facebook gives you, it’s not always clear what went wrong.

If this sounds far too familiar to you, this is the episode for you.

In the second installment of their Facebook ad campaign troubleshooting mini-series, the experts teach you how to wade through the ad manager data and find out what may be causing your high CPA. Then they walk you through how to fix each problem. 

(Missed the first installment? Find Part 1 of this mini-series here.)


  • 1 simple step that could save you money if your ads get a lot of traffic, but few conversions
  • What metrics to watch in order to diagnose the cause of your acquisition problem, so you can take steps to fix it
  • 3 potential causes and 3 solutions for a high CPA, despite having a high click-through rate and a low cost per click