EP120: The “New” 5-Step Formula for Writing High Converting Ad Copy

Tue, Oct 24, 2017

Are your traditional, proven copywriting methods actually working?

Ad copy has evolved. Especially within the last year. Join the experts and special guest, Frannie Coggeshall, as they detail the “new” five-step formula for writing high converting ad copy. 

Using these steps will help you create ads that are more native and relevant to your audience. Not only that, these Facebook ad copy techniques can be applied to your other marketing channels — from email to sales pages.


  • How to better understand your customer avatar so you can deeply connect with your audience and craft effective ad copy.
  • Why your ad copy should talk about the risk of your product NOT working for the customer (« and how this will help you create relevant ads that are more likely to convert and be shared).
  • Why the “short and sweet” ad copy may not be the best approach.