EP106: How Much Can You Afford to Pay to Acquire a Customer?

Tue, Jul 18, 2017

Everything comes down to this one question. How much can you afford to pay to acquire a customer?

Knowing this will make it easier to generate a successful and profitable Facebook campaign. Use the five metrics the experts share to determine how much you can pay to get leads and customers and what a successful Facebook campaign looks like for your business, so you can quickly achieve a return on your Facebook ad spend.


  • The five metrics to determine what success is for your business or clients, so you’ll accurately know what is and isn’t working.
  • The most important metric you need to know to achieve your Facebook marketing goals (« This will give you accurate insight on what your business can attain).
  • The formula to determine the benchmarks your Facebook campaign must hit to quickly achieve a return on your Facebook ad spend (« Hint: You’ll have to do the math backwards).

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