Doubling Revenue and Cutting CPL in Half | Case Study

Fri, Oct 28, 2022

How much would you pay for a strategy that could double your revenue and increase your booked calls by 230%, all in 3 months? 

On today’s episode, Ralph breaks down a recent case study where they helped a client increase their booked calls by 230%, drop the cost per booked call by 54%, and increase their revenue by 107%, all in less than 3 months. This exact framework is what they use at Tier 11 to help businesses scale and grow through customer acquisition and enhancing a client’s long-term value.

Tune in to hear Ralph share exactly what they did, the changes they made, and practical tips you can implement immediately to improve your marketing message.


  • The customer acquisition amplification framework
  • How to fix your messaging with the Creative Lab 
  • Analyze your ads for performance and results
  • The role of emotion in advertising
  • What is conversion architecture?
  • Why value-first marketing is so effective 
  • How to align your ads with your marketing funnel

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